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📺 Presence & Status

As a user, your bot will be able to have a custom online status and presence.

Presence (Activity)

The presence will define what your bot is actually doing. It can be one of the following actions:

  • Listening
  • Watching
  • Playing
  • Competing
  • Streaming

When defining the presence, you'll have to provide the text shown, for example, what game your bot is playing or what music is it listening to.


For the streaming presence only, you'll have to provide a valid YouTube or Twitch stream URL to show it!

Here's an example of each presence, and a way to change the bots:

set the presence of the bot named "bot-name" to listening "awesome music!"

set the presence of the bot named "bot-name" to playing "awesome games!"

set the presence of the bot named "bot-name" to competing "Arena World Champions"

set the presence of the bot named "bot-name" to watching "YouTube"

# The URL must be from YouTube or Twitch!
set the presence of the bot named "bot-name" to streaming "things" with url "stream.url"

Some examples of the presences:


Listening Presence


Playing Presence


Competing Presence


Watching Presence


Streaming Presence

Online Status

The online status will define the little circle at the bottom-right corner of your bot's avatar.

Here's the available online status your bot can have:

  • Online (online, shown as :green_circle:)
  • Idle (idle, shown as :yellow_circle:)
  • Do not disturb (do not disturb, shown as :red_circle:)
  • Offline (offline, shown as :white_circle:, the bot won't be shown as online and will be hidden!)

To change the bot's online status, simply use this syntax:

set the online status of bot "bot-name" to <status id>


The status id is represented by the text formatted as code above!