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Creating a book

A Minecraft book is composed of an author, a title and pages. Each page can be formatted using MiniMessage's formatting, and can contain clickable links, hover effect and more.

Create the book

First, let's create the book itself. You can use the following expression to do so:

set {_book} to a new book with title "My Book" and author "ItsTheSky" #(1)!
  1. You can use MiniMessage's formatting here too! For instance:

    set {_book} to a new book with title "<gradient:red:blue>My Title" and author "&6Its&cThe&9Sky"


You can replace any book in the elements of the addon by boosk to avoid conflicts with other addons!

Add pages

Now, we can add pages to our book. One element added to the pages represent one actual page of the book!

# First page (with gradient)
add "Hey there! <gradient:red:gold>I am a nice gradient :D</gradient>" to pages of {_book}

# Second page (with clickable link)
add "I am a <click:suggest_command:/say Hello!>clickable link</click>!" to pages of {_book}

# Third page (with hover effect)
add "I am a <hover:show_text:'&cI am a hover effect!'>hover effect</hover>!" to pages of {_book}
Enhance the process with lists

You can use lists to simply the process of adding pages to a book:

add "First line" to {_pages::*}
add "Second line" to {_pages::*}
# ...
add (join {_pages::*} with nl) to pages of {_book}

We'll just join, at the end, all the elements with a new line. Smart, right?

Open the book

You can finally open the book to one or more players, using the following effect:

open book {_book} to player


This code will have the following results:

First page

Second page

Third page

Give the book

Optionally, you can give the book as an item to a player. You can use the following expression to convert your book into a Skript's item:

set {_item} to book {_book} as item

# ... and then for instance:
# give {_item} to player