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Member Cache Policy & Flags

When defining a bot, you can specify the way you want to cache members, and what you cache about them.

Member Cache Policy

This will define how the bot will handle members cache itself, for instance what member can be get using member getter instead of being retrieved

Code name Description Required Intents
all Cache all members of all guilds guild members
none Cache no members None
owner Cache only the owner of the guild None
online Cache only online members guild presences
voice Cache only members in a voice channel guild presences
booster Cache only boosters of the guild guild members
default Default cache policy guild presences
guild members

Cache Flags

This will define what you want to cache about members and other entities, for instance if you want to cache their online status or not.

Code name Description Required Intents
activity Enables cache for member activities guild presences
voice state Enables cache for member voice states guild voice states
emoji Enables cache for guild's emojis guild emojis and stickers
sticker Enables cache for guild's stickers guild emojis and stickers
client status Enables cache for member (online) client status guild presences
scheduled events Enables cache for scheduled events scheduled events