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Logs Manipulation

Requires DiSky v4.11.0

In this section, we'll see how to manipulate a guild's logs, listen to them and more.


In Discord, logs are called Audit Logs. They are a list of actions that have been performed on a guild. For instance, when a member is banned, or when a message is dedleted.

Each Audit Log have different info, such as its type (what action has been made), the author of the action, and more, that we'll see soon.


To fetch manually the logs of a guild, you'll have to use the retrieve audit logs effect, such as:

set {_guild} to event-guild # Get the guild from the event, or replace by any guild
retrieve audit logs from {_guild} and store them in {_logs::*}

Now, {_logs::*} is a list of all the logs of the guild. You can loop through them, and get the info you want for each entry.


Another way to get info of an entry log is by listening to them. To do so, you'll have to use the on guild log create event, such as:

on guild log create:
    set {_entry} to event-logentry # Get the entry log from the event
    # ... do something with the entry log


In order to retrieve and listen to logs, the bot must have:

  • the GUILD_MODERATION intent enabled

  • the VIEW_AUDIT_LOGS permission


A LogEntry is an object that represents an entry log. It contains all the info of the entry, such as its type, the author of the action, and more.

You can get the following information from a LogEntry:

Property Type Description
logged author user The user who made the action
logged guild guild The guild where the action has been made
logged id channel The unique id of the entry
logged action text The action that has been made
logged reason text The reason of the action (if any)
Requires DiSky v4.17.2


To use these, simply follow this syntax:

set {_entry} to ... # Get the entry log from the event, or replace by any entry log
set {_author} to logged author of {_entry}
set {_guild} to logged guild of {_entry}
# ... and so on ...