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Getting Started

How to download?

BooSK is only available for Patreons of ItsTheSky.

Access Patreon-only Resources

BooSK is another Skript addon made for book manipulation, from 1.16.X to latest version. It supports legacy and MiniMessage's formatting, so you can make clickable links, gradients, hover effect and more.


BooSK is for now only available to Patreons members, but may be soon released to everyone. If you wish to access it and supports its Developer, subscribe here!


  • Skript v2.3.X or higher
  • Spigot/Paper 1.16.X or higher

We do not support CraftBukkit or any other fork that are not based on paper/spigot!

Information related to Skript's manipulation

BooSK will change Skript's code using reflection, more specifically the open book effect (for obvious reasons).

Although BooSK should also implements the default Skript behavior, it's not guaranteed to work for any case, and feel free to reports that to the developer as soon as you've discovered something similar!