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  • It's your first time?

    Get started by creating and loading your own Discord bot with DiSky

    Getting Started

  • Let's make it talk!

    Learn how to send messages, embeds, files, webooks, and more with DiSky

    Create Simple Messages

  • Interact with your Bot!

    Create buttons, slash commands, modals, ... and handle all of them!


  • Want more?

    Check out our Modules list for even more functionalities! Music? Transcripts? We got you covered!


Project Information

Hey there! Welcome to the official DiSky v4 Wiki!

You'll learn a lot of things about DiSky, with a setup-by-step guide, and a lot of examples! Simply select the page you want to see in the sidebar, or use the search bar to find what you're looking for!


Keep in mind this website will describe everything it does, this means that you better not just copy/paste the code without understanding it! If you don't understand something, please ask for help on the Discord server.

Here's some useful links while watching the wiki: