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This page will explain managing forums, including posts, tags, and more.

Forum channel

There's a specific channel type in DiSky & Discord: Forum Channel

They act like a text channel, but you cannot write there; it only holds threads that represent the available posts. Therefore, if you want to get threads out of a forum channel, you can simply do:

set {_threads::*} to threads of forum with id "000"


forum can also be used in discord command's argument!

  • The thread's name will represent the post's name. (discord name of XXX)
  • As a thread channel, you can use the retrieve messages effect to get the messages
  • As a member container, members of expression is available to get active members of the post
  • You can get the tags of a thread using tags of <thread>. Keep in mind this will only work with posts' threads!


A specific post (or thread) can have none, one or more forum tags. The only way to get a forum tag is by using its name:

set {_tag} to tag named "resolved" from forum channel with id "000"


Since each forum channel has its own created tags, we have to specify from which channel we're getting it.

You can also create tags, add them to the forum channel and finally add them to the posts:

set {_created} to new tag named "test" with reaction "x"

At this stage, the tag itself is not yet created on Discord, so you cannot add it to posts! You'll have to add it to the forum channel first:

add {_created} to tags of forum channel with id "000"

Now, you'll be able to add it to the post for instance:

add {_created} to tags of thread channel with id "000"