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📖 TranSkript


This documentation page includes all the elements from the module TranSkript.



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generate [a] [new] transcript [template] (with|from|using) [the] message[s] %messages% [with [the] [options] %-tsoption%] and (store|save) (it|the file) (at|in) %string%
generate [a] [new] transcript [template] (with|from|using) [the] channel %channel% [with [the] [options] %-tsoption%] and (store|save) (it|the file) (at|in) %string%

New Transcript Options

|Since|v4.0.0|class:version| |Return Type|tsoption|class:version|

Create a new transcript options object, specifying: - If the template should be compact mode or not - If the template should be light theme or not

set {_options} to new transcript options with compact mode and light theme
[a] [new] transcript [template] [option[s]] with [compact mode] [[and] light theme]