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You'll see here how to install DiSky correctly.

1. Server Requirements

DiSky is pretty flexible on server requirements, however some needed points must be completed:

  • While Skript work, DiSky will work.
  • DiSky require Skript v2.8+!
  • ... and that's all!...

While Skript is running good, and using 2.8+ version, DiSky should run without any problem!

We however recommend the official fork of Skript (maintained by SkriptLang).

2. Installation

Once Skript & DiSky are downloaded, move them in the plugins/ folder and restart your server.


Reloading your server is the worst thing to do! No support will be provided if you do so.

Wait a little for Skript & DiSky to load, then go into plugins/Skript/scripts/, create a new file ending by .sk and write your first script!

Add-ons Compatibility

DiSky is a pretty big add-on, that's add a lot of different features.

Some syntax can be in conflicts with others from Add-ons.


DiSky try to avoid any conflict with Skript, but cannot always think about every other add-ons!


DiSky don't need to be configurable, everything is done through Skript code.

You can still request configuration keys for X or Y features on our Discord or in the GitHub Repository