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The first step with SkImage will be to load and save images. That's what we'll see in this section.

Loading or creating an image

In order to get an image, you can:

  • load an image from a file (such as a png or jpg file)
  • create an image from scratch (with a specific size and type)
set {_image} to image from file "path/to/image.png"
set {_image} to new image with width 100 and height 100


You can specify the type of the image as an int (by adding with type X at the end). The specified type will be used to create the encoding of the image:

  • 0 for TYPE_INT_RGB (such as a jpg image, no transparency)
  • 1 for TYPE_INT_ARGB (such as a png image, with transparency)
  • 2 for TYPE_INT_ARGB_PRE (such as a png image, with transparency and pre-multiplied alpha)

And more are available at the JavaDoc.

Saving an image

The only way to save an image is to use the save effect. It will save the image in the specified file path.

save image {_image} to "path/to/image.png"


  • If the desired file path doesn't exist, it will be created.
  • If the file already exists, it will be overwritten.