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Modules are in beta! Any feedback is appreciated, from both users & developers!


While DiSky is compiled and based on the JDA library, some other features from Discord need another library. This is where Modules enter the game;

These are JARS that can be added to DiSky's module folder, adding syntax related to Discord.

Modules were also meant for others to contribute to DiSky easily, but adding new features from other libraries, and covering all that Discord can offer us!


It almost works like plugins. When the server starts with DiSky for the first time, a folder /plugins/DiSky/modules/ is created. Simply put the module's JARS here, and restart your server.

You can take a look at the enabled & loaded modules through the /disky modules command.

How to get them?

Only one module is free to download & use for DiSky. The others are paid additions to DiSky, obtainable by subscribing to a Patreon account. The minimum tier is enough to have access to all available modules and their updates for one month.